Our technical activities will be demonstrating the benefits and feasibility of various technology lines in cNES including the tools to monitor them. Our dissemination efforts will ensure that these approaches are more widely recognised, understood, and positively perceived.

Find some audio and print material here and a list and summaries of event and activities below.


AquaNES is dedicated to host workshops about the demonstrated innovations during relevant conferences and events. At least three specialised conferences/workshops on bank filtration, MAR and constructed wetlands will be organised at international level.

  • Inspired by Nature: Combining Natural and Engineered Systems in Water Management. AquaNES final dissemination event organised jointly with BluePlanet Berlin Water Dialogues
    9 April 2019, Berlin, DE Summary
  • 46. Berliner Wasserwerkstatt: weitergehende Abwasserbehandlung mit bepflanzten Bodenfiltern,
    31 January 2019, Berlin, DE (in German only)
  • Regional workshop on cNES in the eastern Mediterranean,
    22 November 2018, Athens, GR. Summary
  • 3rd International Conference on Solar Energy Solutions for Electricity and Water Supply in Rural Areas,
    7-10 November 2018, Cairo, Egypt. Summary
  • Regional stakeholder workshop on bankfiltration in Poland,
    18 October 2018, Poznan, PL. Summary
  • Regional workshop on bankfiltration,
    30 May 2018, Budapest, HU

Conferences & Fairs

AquaNES will actively seek the exchange with peers in science, industry and the water sector. Our contributions to conferences and presence at exhibitions will support the eventual market up-take of our innovations.

  • Pollutec 2018, 27-30 November 2018, Lyon, FR
  • Dedicated AquaNES session at16th International Conference of the IWA Specialist Group on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control,
    30 September - 4 October 2018, Valencia, ES
  • Investor Cafe, Brussels, BE
  • IFAT 2018, 14-18 May 2018, Munich, DE
  • EIP Action Group meeting, 28 September 2017, Porto PT
  • Porto Water Innovation Week,
    24-30 September 2017, Porto, PT

Scientific Publications

AquaNES aims for peer-reviewed publications of its activities to assure our innovations are recognised by the scientific community.

The list of our scientific publications and dissemination on conferences will be updated on a regular basis.

  • Collection of papers related to "Efficiency of Bank Filtration and Post-Treatment" published in Water
  • List of journal publications


AquaNES will translate its demonstration work into a number of deliverables. We will share our experiences from large-scale testing in dedicated reports and tools.


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